Marcos Alonso confirmed to be in Madrid as transfer speculation intensifies

There are no shortage of famous football people in Madrid at the moment. On the way from my flat to dinner I saw Gary Lineker and Steve Nichol, and on the way home I saw Marcos Alonso. That’s what happens when the Champions League final is in town.

Then again, you don’t need a CL final to see Alonso. He is from Madrid, and spends almost all his free time in the city. He even has a sushi restaurant here. My friends have run into him fairly often over the years.

The Sun carried yesterday translated reports from Spanish paper Marca where they say the left back is a target for Atletico Madrid, a club where he spent some time as a youth player. It’s quite the coincidence, but for now, that’s all we can say it is, for the reasons outlined above.

If he was an Australian and this was his first trip to Spain, we might be saying something different…

We’re not saying there’s any connection – as we explained, Alonso would likely be here anyway. But the fact that he still clearly has such affection – and some business interests – in the city – will only add weight to the sporting argument for the move (that he’s not playing in the first team at Chelsea anymore.)

If he’s seen in red and white stripes in the next few weeks, we’ll keep you updated…

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