Maurizio Sarri insults Chelsea’s history in latest media blunder

Maurizio Sarri is barely out of the door at Chelsea, and already he’s taking what appear to be parting shots at us from a distance.

While he was here he didn’t make much of an effort to become loved by the fans, and that looks set to continue. Now at Juventus, he’s buttering up their fans by talking of their “100 year history”, while comparing that favourably to our pathetic “20 years” as he puts it, as you can see in the quotes embedded in the Tweet here:

He probably didn’t mean it to be as insulting as it turned out, but it’s just Sarri’s way to put his foot in it whenever a camera or a microphone is in front of him. That’s why he had no future at Chelsea, and also why it’s so surprising that Juventus took him on.

We’re not angry, or surprised. It looks like Sarri is still making the same mistakes, and we would be surprised if he lasts a full season there.

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