New European manager already talking up Frank Lampard

On the same day that Derby announced that Chelsea had been given permission to speak to Frank Lampard about the former Blue returning to his old club to become the manager, a similar scene was playing out across the Channel.

In Belgium, Vincent Kompany was being introduced as Anderlecht’s new player manager, marking his own return to a former club.

Given the timing, it was inevitable Kompany was going to be asked about his former teammate, and as you can see in the quotes in the tweets embedded here, he had glowing things to say not only about Lampard as a player and a person, but also his potential and his perfect match with Chelsea:

The two only played together for a season, but clearly company feels he absorbed a lot from the England midfielder.

As for who will have the better career as a manager, that’s still very much up for debate. But we can’t wait to see what happens.

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