Abramovich adviser’s conversations that made sure top Chelsea talent was not sold

In the past, Chelsea have been guilty at losing patience with some players and allowing them to be sold on in decisions that have often come back to haunt them, especially in the case of Kevin de Bruyne, just to give one example.

There is one guy who is, and has been pinnacle to not allowing these types of situations to happen again, and that is Chelsea scout and Roman Abramovich’s adviser Piet de Visser.

The now 85-year old is still scouting for Chelsea and has been close to Abramovich for a long time.

It was a few years back when Mason Mount was just starting his loan stints away from the club, and he caught the eye of de Visser.

The Dutchman was clear to advise Abramovich not to make the same mistake as he made with de Bruyne by allowing Mount to be sold, according to a report from The Athletic.

Well, once again, thank you Piet!



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