“Chelsea are the club everyone wants to be” – Former Spurs man hits back at presenters comments

Chelsea are the club on everyone’s lips right now fresh off the back of beating Ajax in their own back yard.

Former Chelsea player turned TalkSport presenter Jason Cundy has been on the wind up again after the victory last night, claiming that ‘Chelsea are the club everyone wants to be.’

Cundy loves to wind it up, and he caught a small goldfish in the shape of former Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara who has responded to the comments this morning, on TalkSport Breakfast.

O’Hara muttered ‘He’s at it again isn’t he’, in response to Cundy’s comments, and insisted that ‘Chelsea are Tottenham three years ago.’

He even claimed that Cundy was ‘talking nonsense.’

It’s an entertaining match up, one that I personally want to see go head to head on the same show!

There is no doubt that Chelsea are in a great spot right now and have the supporters feeling very good, including Jason Cundy.

But O’Hara had this to say:

“Cundy’s up to it again, isn’t he? He loves it.

“He’s got a fair point, Chelsea are very good at the moment, they have got a direction and the players who have come in do look very special.

“But in terms of Tottenham wanting to be Chelsea, he’s talking nonsense!

“Chelsea really and truthfully are Spurs three years ago, that’s what it is!

“We had our own inflicted transfer ban, brought all these players through and got back in the top four, that’s pretty much what Chelsea are doing now.”

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