Chelsea “more than confident” of securing future of this breakout star according to Italian insider

Chelsea are confident that they will secure Tammy Abraham on a new long term contract according to Fabrizio Romano, whose Tweet you can see embedded below.

He quotes his sources as saying that the Blues are “close to an agreement” with the striker, and are “more than confident” about getting him secured onto a major extension.

The Italian transfer insider always seems to be on the cutting edge of rumours, even those with nothing to do with Serie A, and not only do we trust his sources, there’s just no reason to doubt that the club will come to a deal soon.

Tammy wants to stay, we obviously want to keep him. Really it’s just a matter of negotiations, and given his form is probably going to save us millions and millions of pounds on a striker in the summer, they will be happy to give him a pretty healthy deal.

The rest of the youngsters have already been secured, and one by one our future is looking brighter and brighter. He’s had a quiet couple of games, but Tammy still seems a top option going forward, and he’s set for a great future at the club.

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