Chelsea’s season so far rated by Sky Sports

We’re 10 games in to this season, and it’s time to take stock of how everyone’s doing.

That’s what Sky Sports are saying anyway, and they’ve given every team in the top flight a grade for how things are going so far.

Our season began slowly and has got better and better, so while the B+ we’ve been awarded may seem a little harsh given how Frank Lampard has exceeded expectations with the transfer ban in place, you’ve got to keep those early dodgy results in mind.

Now we’re firing on all cylinders things are really moving, so if we carry on like this expect to see us boosted up to an A at the very least next time.

Certainly if you were ranking teams by fan satisfaction, Chelsea would be off the charts this season, and with a little bit of luck this can turn from the transitional season we all expected into something truly special.


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