Former Chelsea manager argued academy was “not necessary” says Michael Emenalo

Former Chelsea director of football Michael Emenalo has been speaking to the Daily Telegraph in an exclusive interview today which contains some fascinating and shocking insight for Blues fans into how their club has been run in the last few years.

Speaking now, with his crop of academy players finally breaking into the first team, Emenalo explained the whole process in fascinating details – but there was one anecdote in particular that stuck out as truly stunning.

According to Emenalo, one manager during his time at the club “made a presentation to say the academy was not necessary,” arguing that it “takes too long” to produce top players and trying to persuade Roman Abramovich to not spend too much money on it.

That is short sighted beyond belief, but then again that’s football for you. Few people are looking beyond the end of their own contract. It seems an unbelievable quote, but we believe every word.

We can’t be sure which manager it was – given we’ve had plenty who have had no interest in the academy at all. But we can be sure it wasn’t Frank Lampard, the man in charge now. And that’s what matters most.

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