France manager aims unnecessary dig at Frank Lampard

Didier Deschamps is a former Chelsea player who is now managing the French national team. In fact, Lampard joined the Blues just a year after Deschamps left.

However, the France manager had a short lived career at Chelsea and soon left to join Valencia.

Now he is attempting to take the World Cup winners to the European Championships and experience similar success.

He has one thing in common with Frank Lampard at the moment, both share the frustrations of a surprisingly injury prone N’Golo Kante.

The 28-year old is really struggling with reoccurring injury issues this season, something that’s he’s never had before.

Lampard had previously asked Deschamps if he could leave Kante out the last squad so he could be rested, which he obliged. But things have turned unnecessarily sour after Deschamps latest public comments.

Speaking after his teams narrow 1-0 win against Iceland last night, as reported by NBC Sports, Deschamps said:

“Lampard asked me not to pick Kante at the last rally. If it’s still that way, maybe I’ll call him later to tell him it would be nice if you play Olivier Giroud a little bit.”

Ridiculous comment to make when Kante’s fitness should be just as important to Deschamps as it is to Lampard.

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