Frank Lampard names the four things Pulisic “needs” to do

Frank Lampard is getting pretty used to being asked about Christian Pulisic, and by now he’s got a pretty standard line on the matter.

Asked again today in the press conference about what the American can do to get in the team, Lampard made it as clear as possible that everyone knows what’s required of the summer signing.

He actually reeled off four things that the winger – along with everyone else of course – “needs” to do to get in his team.

“Christian, like every player in the squad, needs to work hard in training, keep improving, see the direction we’re going, be a part of it, and show what you can do on a match day. All the players are the same there.”

There does seem to be a little implicit criticism there. Is the US international not trying in training? He doesn’t seem the type. Should he “see the direction” the team is going better?

Despite all this, no matter how hard he trains, the truth is he will never play while Willian and the other options ahead of him are playing well.

So let’s not worry too much, and let’s ask Frank about something else. He looks like he’s getting bored.

Tomorrow there’s likely to be a chance off the bench for Christian – if he’s been trying in training this week, that is.

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