Jose Mourinho “had a go ” at Lampard via text after 4-0 smashing

Frank Lampard revealed this morning that Jose Mourinho had had some stern words with him after the 4-0 loss to Manchester United at the start of the season. had quotes from the Chelsea boss where he talks about the aftershocks of that major defeat.

“With Jose, we would have texts from time to time. We had some at the start of the season around the Manchester United game where he had a little go.”

“It’s all good. I’ve sat in the punditry chair for a year so I understand the need to say things so I’m not going to bang on too much. In terms of him, we have a relationship.”

Jose and Frank went through a lot together, and we can well imagine the Portuguese can say what he likes to his old midfielder at the stage.

Hopefully he took some of that advice onboard. There’s a lot his team could learn from his old boss’ defensive structure – although perhaps slightly less on the “how to deal with the media” front.

The team deserved stern words after that game, and it sounds like they got them from Frank. He will have been happy to take it on the chin from his former mentor.

We take on Newcastle tomorrow hoping that we see some more Mourinho like defending from the team – with some Lampard like attacking.

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