How Lampard and his assistants “put pressure on senior players” to turn Chelsea’s season around

Things are going so well at Chelsea now that it’s easy to forget that things were a little rocky only a couple of weeks ago.

After having appeared to have turned the corner with a heavy win away at Wolves, the team slumped back into its old issues with a home loss to Valencia, and then another at Stamford Bridge to Liverpool. Those are two decent teams, and we all know that Frank Lampard is operating in unique circumstances, but it was still a shaky moment to lose two on the bounce in your own stadium.

Since then it’s 4 wins from 4 however, and The Daily Mail has revealed just how Lampard turned things around after that loss to the Reds.

They say it was the manager and his assistant who sorted things out, demanding more from the senior players like Willian and Pedro, telling them they can’t leave it on the young players to win every game.

If it’s true, it certainly worked. Willian went on to score twice in consecutive games, securing vital wins in the Champions League and the Premier League.

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