Missing Cook Out Burgers – The American Chelsea player who you may not have heard of

Christian Pulisic is obviously the name of everyone’s lips at the moment after his big money move to Chelsea from Dortmund.

As the debate continues about his lack of game time and the early stages of his Chelsea career, the Chelsea website are drawing attention to another young American in the Blues ranks, Ethan Wady.

The 17-year old Goalkeeper joined the Chelsea academy midway through the 2017/18 season after his family relocated to the UK from America.

He was playing for North Carolina FC before coming to the UK, and he states Petr Cech as his professional idol.

Wady plays for the Chelsea under 18s and will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of Cech and make it in the big time.

He has been talking about the differences in culture of football in the UK and in the USA, and also describing what he misses most about his home country.

“Probably the largest difference was the football culture that’s in England. In England, football is all encompassing. You see it on TV, in the streets, on ads, in newspapers and in everyday chat. It’s literally everywhere.

“While it’s certainly on the rise in the US, I was definitely taken aback by how intense the passion for football is in this country.

“The hardest thing about moving isn’t the change in scenery or location, but the people you have to leave behind.

“You never really lose the close friendships you have, but it definitely is a challenge trying to manage the different time zones and just the different experiences you get exposed to when living in Europe.

“That said, I do really miss my Cookout hamburgers and Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches!

“When I was younger I always would look up to Petr Cech. As a young goalkeeper I always wanted to try and learn from the professionals and I don’t think there were many better than him.”


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