Revealed – The off field influence that Frank Lampard is giving his players

There were many debates on whether Frank Lampard was ready when he took charge of Chelsea this summer, whether he was a good enough coach to take a role at the top. Those debates still hover.

But despite this, there is one debate that you cannot argue about Lampard, the fact that he is a great man. His man management of his players is excellent and you won’t get many with more wisdom than him.

In an exclusive by The Daily Mirror, it’s been revealed that not only is Lampard offering coaching advice on the field to his players, he is also offering advice with any off field issues and supporting his players in their personal lives as well.

This is smart, these types of issues can directly affect how a player performs on the pitch. If their heads aren’t straight, neither is their game. Lampard, having been in all of their shoes not so long a go, is perfectly setup to offer the advice.

Lampard said:

“I’m lucky to have grown up in a very sound family unit, with a lot of love from my mum and football knowledge from my dad.

“So I was quite secure. But I know not everybody has that.

“I was living alone,” he says. “Two of my mates moved in with me, which isn’t really conducive to being a professional athlete.

“Some of the things we were getting up to – going out, sitting up too late…

“But I had a really good year, scored a lot of goals, important goals. Then I met Christine and was so happy for the latter years of my career, from 2010 onward.

“A couple of situations have arisen this year with players who have issues at home and I’ve given advice when I’ve felt that I was in a good position to do so.”

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