Rising Chelsea star could have left the club if he took the advice of his Father

In recent years, as a Chelsea academy player it would have been seen as an impossible task to break into the first team squad after so many had tried but failed.

John Terry was one of the only high profile academy success stories being able to break in and become a regular in the first team. Of course he didn’t just do that, he became a club legend, but that’s a different story.

Fast forward to today, and another legend is at the helm in the shape of Frank Lampard.

All of a sudden, there are chances and belief from the academy lads that they might now be able to make it at the club they love and have been at since a very young age.

Lampard has made it clear that if you show that you are good enough and work hard enough, he will put his trust in you.

One player who is experiencing that right now is Mason Mount. But back when he was 14 and playing in the Blues academy, his path into the first team must have looked near impossible, and his Father saw that.

As reported by The Sun, Mount said:

“When I was 14, my dad told me I should leave Chelsea.

“There are so many good players in the academy and a lot of people were saying  not many youngsters ever get to make it here.

“I loved the competition and I think the fact that Fik and myself both worked for Frank  last season  gave us a bit of an advantage for coming into pre-season.

“Having an English manager who knows all the young English players coming through the academy has given both of us that confidence to go out and perform.”


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