Tammy ready for huge pay rise after hot start to the season

Nicolo Schira, always one of the best connected sources in Italy (which seems to be the leakiest country around) has piped up today to say that Chelsea are in talks to secure Tammy Abraham on a new long term deal.

Whether or not he has a reliable source, this has to be true. They’ve spent all year extending the deals of these young prospects, and Tammy must be next in line.

In fact, he will be delighted he didn’t agree one earlier this summer. The club may have wanted to see how much he would actually play, given his status was quite uncertain, but he’s proven to be a key player for Frank Lampard and will have massively boosted the wages on offer.

We hope it’s signed soon, but there shouldn’t be any rush. He wants to stay, we love him here. He’s playing well. The deal will be done very soon, barring something crazy happening.

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