Two Chelsea players picked in BBC team of the week

It’s that time of the week where Garth Crooks picks his team of the weekend, and this time he’s managed to squeeze two Chelsea players into the mix.

Firstly up is Christian Pulisic, obviously. The American bagged a hattrick after all, and it wouldn’t really be possible to form a team of the week without him given that.

He’s accompanied by Mateo Kovacic, who had a more subtle but equally effective game in the middle of the park, knitting things together beautifully and creating a superb platform for his teammates.

Crookes focused on Pulisic’s “scream of delight” after he scored his first Chelsea goals, and on Kovacic’s “pass rate” in midfield. As always, he has a funny way of expressing things, but we know exactly what he means.

Both of them were great against Burnley, and other plays would have been in the mix to feature in Crooks’ team too. As we always say, the more players in this team each week, the better you know the team is playing. So let’s keep racking up the appearances.

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