“Chelsea has an option to lengthen my contract for two years” – Forgotten midfielder is ‘not a quitter’

It is quite easy to forget about a player, or the fact that they even still play for the club you support, when they are out on the long term injury list.

This is a fact none more so than for Dutch midfielder Marco van Ginkel.

The Chelsea player has been at the club since 2013. Now at 27 years of age, its often easy to forget he’s even still here.

This is due to suffering massively with injuries, largely to his knee.

He has also been on a number of loan spells when he was younger, as Chelsea attempted to look at developing their highly rated midfielder.

Now van Ginkel is fighting to get fit once again after revealing that due to an infection in his knee, he had to have three surgeries in six days to drain the fluid.

Quite remarkable what he has come through, but does he have a Chelsea future under Frank Lampard?

This is something that van Ginkel says you’ll have to ask the man himself.

As reported by Goal, van Ginkel said:

“You get dispirited when you hear everything has to be done again. I needed a new surgery, but didn’t know when.

“My knee needed flushing out to get rid of that infection, so I had three surgeries in six days.

“That was quite an event, but infections like that could end your career. I wasn’t thinking about that, though.

“The flushing out helped me a lot, but I had to wait four to five months before I could get going again. That was a long time. I have gone through dark times.

“I usually am a very positive minded person. The people around me always supported me, as does Chelsea.

“I won’t give up easy, because I’m not a quitter. Of course, I had some very bad days, though.”

When asked if he could return to fight for a place in Frank Lampard’s squad in the near future, Van Ginkel responded:

“You have to ask Lampard. Chelsea has an option to lengthen my contract for two years. I have to wait and see. My primary focus is to get fit again, and then we’ll see what happens.”

He was asked if he still see’s himself as a Chelsea player, he said:

“Yes, I do. I walk around the club facilities every day, with all the players.

“And when you’ve been around as long as I have, you know all the physios, doctors, everyone.”

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