Lampard describes Reece James’ tactical role

The quotes that come out on Sunday night for the Monday papers are often interesting, and this week have a couple of in depth answers from Frank Lampard which go into some fascinating detail.

After discussing how he was happy to play Ross Barkley alongside Mason Mount in midfield, Lampard went into some depth on Reece James. As well as just generally discussing what a brilliant player he is, Chelsea’s manager was clear about how he can be used to benefit the team tactically:

“He’s a smart footballer. He takes up good positions high up the pitch at times and really wide,” Lampard explained.

“It was nice to see the combination between him and Callum today. It was a really dangerous one for Burnley today and we made good use of it.”

It was clear to see what meant in the game. James pushing all the way up to the pitch and staying wide opened up so much space for others in the middle, and his ability to deliver quality service even from those areas made him a constant threat too.

We can’t wait to see what else Lampard has up his sleeve, with a little more time working with Reece under his belt.

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