Blues fans could soon witness Chelsea’s post-match dressing room celebrations in new plan

As we approach the restart of Premier League football, we are seeing new ideas and plans coming together that will attempt to give the viewer a more innovative, or different type of experience substituting for lack of stadium fans.

Of course, there is no substitute for that. But some of the ideas reportedly in planning stages are quite interesting to hear.

This one in particular being reported by The Daily Mirror today caught my eye.

They say that Premier League clubs are discussing the option of allowing TV cameras into the dressing rooms for game celebrations, title wins, etc.

Having seen how it enhances the viewers experience in the USA, Broadcasters are keen to introduce it in to the Premier League under the current circumstances.

This will see the Chelsea lads going back into the dressing rooms after thrashing Arsenal 3-0 and starting the celebrations and dancing afterwards, with Toni Rudiger leading the way! Or something like that!

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