Chelsea ‘in a stronger position than most clubs’ in the face of COVID-19 struggles

As the world continues to battle with the global coronavirus pandemic, there are falls outs from the crisis that are bound to effect football clubs.

It is scary times for many businesses right now and lower league football clubs will be full of concerns for their futures.

It is even expected to effect some of the bigger clubs in the Premier League as well with a lot of financial uncertainty.

But thanks to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s continued backing, The Blues are ‘in a stronger position than most clubs’ according to The Athletic writer Liam Twomey.

The Chelsea correspondent took questions from fans on his recent article today, and one fan wanted to know how the next transfer window could look for Chelsea in the face of COVID-19.

Twomey believes that whilst Chelsea will not be going mad with new signings, they do have a lot less to worry about financially than many other clubs.

He said:

“Chelsea’s intention before COVID-19 hit was to significantly strengthen the squad in the next window. Now, the picture is less clear. Most clubs are waiting to find out if they can even get their seasons finished first and no one really knows yet what the transfer market will look like. It’s possible that clubs with desirable players might be under financial pressure to sell, which would create opportunities for Chelsea and their rivals.

“Clubs are also waiting to find out whether or not UEFA will relax or even suspend Financial Fair Play (FFP) for a period in response to all of this. That will have a big impact on what Chelsea do.

“What is clear is that, because of Roman Abramovich’s backing, Chelsea are in a stronger position than most clubs to get through this unprecedented crisis — and even capitalise on any opportunities created by it.”

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