A controversial Chelsea “undeserving” title winners XI

Today the BBC website put up a link where you could build your dream team of players who had won the title with the Blues.

In the end, it leads to pretty dull results. Who could look past, JT, Lampard, Drogba, Cech etc.? About half the team is picked for you, and the rest is just arguing about Willian.

One Chelsea fan did something a little more interesting however. He picked a team of players who were “undeserving” title winners – those who had got their medals with minimal contribution.

You can see his team in the Tweet embedded here:

As you can expect, it generated some interesting discussion in the replies. Nobody likes seeing a fan favourite like Nathaniel Chalobah included, but it’s not a personal slight on him.

Plenty of others had some good games here and there – Glen Johnson, SWP, Kurt Zouma, but certainly got their medals mainly thanks to the hard work of others.

Who would be in your undeserving XI?


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