Frank Lampard will speak to N’Golo Kante about potential training return

The Premier League is moving rapidly towards a restart, with the clubs unanimously voting today for a move to “phase two” of training – full contact on the pitch while still maintaining maximum distance off it.

The date of June 19th is hanging in the air as a potential restart point for the whole top flight.

Very few players have objected, but one – perhaps the most prominent – plays for Chelsea. N’Golo Kante has a history of  heart issues in his family and is concerned for his own health if he gets the coronavirus. He has so far taken both tests with the rest of the squad, but hasn’t trained since the first day the team returned.

The Telegraph though report today that Frank Lamaprd is going to discuss with him again the possibility of coming back, hoping that the low number of positive tests in the Premier League, and the falling number of cases nationally, will mean the France star is eventually feels comfortable training and then eventually playing again.


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