Season to end by July with some ‘interesting scheduling options’ for Chelsea

We are entering a very unpredictable time in football, as plans push ahead for the current season to resume.

As per Sky Sports, the aim is still to get the current season restarted on June the 12th. They will then look to finish this season by the end of July, in order to start next season at the end of August/beginning of September.

Chelsea fans could soon be facing the prospect of watching their club play many more midweek matches in what has been described by the league’s Chief executive Richard Masters as ‘interesting scheduling options.’

It will see more regular games and we may well be seeing matches most nights of the week in order to get games in.

Masters said:

“There will come a point when next season becomes difficult to schedule. We are not at that point yet.

“The June return and July finish leaves time for a break for other competitions to be completed and start the season towards the end of August or very early September.

“Obviously what we want to do is ensure the season is completed in a way which preserves other competitions, but also preserves our ability to start and deliver 38 match rounds next season in a proper calendar.

“Given we are trying to get the season away in a slightly truncated situation, we may look at some interesting scheduling options.

“Nothing we can confirm yet, but we’ve got to make it work for everybody.”

There are still some plans to be put in place, but today sees the first steps of project restart with clubs going back to training in small groups.

A sign of the times right now.

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