Willian set to complete season at Chelsea, but go no further

Willian’s future at Chelsea is very uncertain, but the shape things are going to take is becoming clearer.

The Brazilian’s contract expires this summer, and for a long time the point of friction was whether he would accept a 2 year deal when he wanted 3.

At this point, it seems neither side is going to budge, and that he will be leaving on a free no matter what. But there’s now a secondary concern – will he even stay to finish the Premier League season, whenever that restarts?

In that field at least we may have an answer. The latest quotes from Willian himself, who is seemingly always up for a chat with the media in his home country, reveals that he is keen to stay and play on:

“It’s a difficult situation because Chelsea offered me two years and they are not going to change what they offered.

“I said I wanted three more years. The situation is difficult because of this. I really don’t know if it will be possible [to stay at Chelsea].

“My goal is to continue working and focus on the remainder of the season, so that Chelsea can continue winning games.

“I have a clear head and I’m focused for the rest of the season that we have left. I think it’s difficult. Let’s see what happens,” the winger said in words translated from Esporte Interactivo by TalkSport.

That’s an advance on previously, when he had seemed uncertain he would even complete this season.

Now it appears we can at least count on a full strength squad (depending on N’Golo Kante’s feelings by the time the season restarts) for Frank Lampard to pick from as he looks to play out the season and hold on to fourth.

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