Chelsea could be expelled from Champions League immediately after latest UEFA ruling

Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid, the three “super league” teams still involved in this season’s Champions League tournament, could be expelled immediately, handing the trophy to PSG.

It’s not been confirmed by UEFA yet, but Jesper Moller, who is the Danish Executive Committee member for the organisation was quoted as follows, in words picked up by the Evening Standard:

“The clubs must go, and I expect that to happen on Friday. Then we have to find out how to finish (this season’s) Champions League tournament.”

Clearly it would be a stunning blow to Chelsea and their team, who have done so well to make it to a potentially thrilling semi final against Real Madrid later this month.

Beyond what the players think, poor Thomas Tuchel now could find himself unable to lift the trophy after a sensational run to this stage. Imagine how he must be feeling now, stabbed in the back by his own club like this.

The UEFA meeting will be on Friday – it’s going to be a long and stressful week for everyone involved before then.

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