Chelsea legend full of praise for Blues current player recently slammed by pundit

This week saw some very odd criticisms aimed in the direction of one of Chelsea’s current players, right after he helped the side win the Club World Cup at the weekend.

Some of the media simply found it impossible just to offer praise to Chelsea and their players for the big achievement of becoming World Champions, some just wanted to pick faults or criticise certain players.

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And it was Neil Warnock who decided to have a pop at club captain Cesar Azpilicueta, saying he wasn’t a good defender and got a lot of luck to be where he is today.

The criticism is laughable to be honest and we didn’t really need anyone to remind us just what a player Azpilicueta has been for Chelsea and how important he’s been. But Chelsea legend and current technical director Petr Cech, did it anyway!

“Azpi has now won everything, and that is an amazing achievement,” Cech wrote today in his column on the Chelsea website.

“All the credit goes to him. When he arrived in 2012, he came first to compete for his spot. He had a long-term injury the year before, so he had had a difficult time before he came to us. He had to start from scratch fighting for his place.

“He is one of those players who never disappoints you. He works hard, he does everything. He is an honest player on the pitch, and off the pitch he works hard. You know you can rely on him in any situation. That is the key to his success. No matter which manager was in charge, they all knew they could count on him, his attitude, and his qualities. Now he has the huge reward of lifting these trophies as a captain.”

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