Chelsea season summary – best performance, player of the season, manager rated

The season is over, but what did we make of it?

Season rating (out of 10):

A 7 that feels like a 5, was two penalties from being an 8, and a couple of injuries away from being a 9.

Best performance of the season:

The 4-0 crushing of Juventus in November was the best I can remember Chelsea playing for 5 or 6 years, and at that moment we were the best team in Europe. It was also, unfortunately, the game where Ben Chilwell got injured and the team’s decline began.

Player of the season:

Mason Mount had the best numbers, Thiago Silva was great all year, but Reece James played an 8 or a 9 every time he was on the pitch.

Player whose time is up:

It’s the end of the line for a lot of them – I’m happy to be off the Andreas Christensen rollercoaster in particular though. We waited patiently for him to fulfil his potential and saw some great moments in the last two years, but you always got the sense he was holding something back.

Opposition player you’d love at your team:

Son Heung-min would be brilliant in this system, and Thomas Tuchel would adore him as a player.

Happy with your manager?:

Delighted. It’s been a very difficult season but there is full faith in him despite some bad results, which shows just how impressed fans have been since he arrived.

One learning to take into next season (on/off the pitch):

Don’t let sell your academy players because they can’t get first team minutes; only to let the first team players blocking their paths leave for free a year later.

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