(Video): Craig Burley explains why signing Cristiano Ronaldo would be such a mistake for Chelsea

Craig Burley is a bit of an idiot, but his points on why Chelsea shouldn’t sign Cristiano Ronaldo were spot on.

You shouldn’t need to have him explain it anyway. Think about how bad signing Ronaldo has been for Man U – why would it work out any better for us? The guy is a phenomenal egomaniac whose footballing ability has fallen off a cliff. We’ve got enough problems as it is, the last thing we need is to add Ronaldo to the equation.

You can see him explain his point in the video embedded here:

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  1. Couldn’t agree more!

    A) Craig Burley is indeed an idiot and a blowhard.


    B) Whatever can be said about Ronaldo in the past, he is clearly toxic at this stage in his career where his age dictates that he play a supporting role on any top team, but his ego demands as much stroking as ever!

    Best for all if he just packs up and finishes his career on the Arabian Peninsula because the drama he creates just isn’t good for his team, his legacy, or football at this point.

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