Size of Chelsea’s first Enzo payment revealed

Since the start of January it’s been pretty clear that Enzo Fernandez wanted to join Chelsea, and that Chelsea wanted to sign him. Benfica insisted they would only sell him if his minimum release clause was met, and Chelsea understood that.

So why did the move end up taking a month to complete? In the end it all came down to arranging how the £105m fee would be paid rather than haggling over the size of the fee.

Nizaar Kinsella’s report in the Evening Standard takes you through every detail of the deal, and has some interesting insight on what the two clubs finally settled on, with just hours until the deadline.

He claims that our initial payment will be around £34m of a final fee which will reach £106.8m. That allows us to stay within Financial Fair Play bounds despite our vast spend – but it doesn’t leave us much room to manoeuvre in years to come.

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