Atletico Madrid dressing room were “sick to the teeth” of Joao Felix before Chelsea move

Chelsea fans were amazed they were able to sign a player of Joao Felix’ quality on loan in January, but the more we hear about a total breakdown of relations at his parents club, the more sense it makes.

Reports in places like Football Espana today are picking up on claims in Spain that Felix had totally fallen out with his teammates and coaches in the Spanish capital.

After signing for huge money, Felix was never able to perform as was hoped for Diego Simeone, and despite keeping things mostly civil on the surface, it was obvious there was tension.

“What is clear is that Joao Felix is going one way and Atletico Madrid are going the other,” Miguel Talavera is quoted as saying.

“Atletico are a block, there are no sour faces. There are frustrated players, but they do not let that into the public sphere. There is no continual controversy when a player comes off in the 70th minute. Or if they stay on the bench.

“More than that, everything is focused on a stand off between Joao Felix and Diego Pablo Simeone. Right now, Joao Felix is still in contact with two players at Atletico Madrid. After four years, Reinildo, who arrived just over a year ago, and Sergio Reguilon, are the ones who he is closest with. With the rest, there is nothing, no friendship.”

It’s not a great sign, but in all honesty we’re inclined to blame his situation at the club more than worrying it reflects a bad apple in the player himself.

Relations had clearly been broken for a long time, and we’re sure Felix has his side of the story too. It also increases the pressure of Atletico to sell, which may help lower an otherwise prohibitive cost.

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