Azpilicueta reveals the first thing he heard after being knocked unconscious

After Cesar Azpilicueta was knocked out on Saturday, it took 12 minutes to get him off the pitch, and he went direct to hospital.

It was a scary moment for everyone watching, and even more so for his family.

Luckily it’s nothing worse than a concussion, and after a night on the ward he was back at Cobham yesterday to observe and see his teammates.

In a short video clip on Chelsea TV he noted that he couldn’t remember anything after the corner was taken – his next memory is hearing his name being sung as he was stretchered off.

We still wish it had never happened of course, but what a lovely thing to hear as you wake up…

Well done Cesar, well done all those fans (including the Saints fans who applauded him off) and well done to the medical staff.

You can see him speaking in the clip embedded here:

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