Chelsea board to hold their nerve on Graham Potter

Graham Potter will remain Chelsea manager, despite another dreadful defeat.

A 1-0 loss to Southampton at home adds another black mark to our record under Potter, but he won’t lose his job over it.

That’s according to the Telegraph’s Matt Law, who we know is directly connected to the new Chelsea ownership, Behdad Eghbali and Todd Boehly.

Potter is their choice, and they said they are going to back him no matter what, and so far they’re proving true to their word. You have to respect that.

But these are smart men, and they will know as well as any of us what the sunk cost fallacy is.

Many fans will see this as madness, and when Potter is eventually sacked a few games down the line, will point to these last few months as ego ahead of decisive action from the ownership.

On the other hand, if he wins the Premier League, nobody will be complaining.


  1. Sooner or later he will go have to leave
    As results are not going in his favour.
    The Revolving Door at Stamford Bridge has not been kind to anybody, especially when ur time is up

    1. The “Revolving Door” at Stamford Bridge simply has to stop. Chelsea supporters have to be among the most fickle in the Premier League at this point, as they’ve become accustomed to a carousel of managers under the previous regime. But look around at the clubs who’ve had long-term success and you’ll almost always find stable management at the center of it. Pep and Klopp have now been in place longer than any Chelsea manager in 50 years for crying out loud and it’s no coincidence that their clubs have been eating our lunch for most of that time!

  2. La diferencia de los proyectos de Liverpool y City es que sus entrenadores ya eran D.T experimentados y con éxito, Potter es aún inexperto no puede haber comparación en ello.

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