Chelsea booed heavily at Stamford Bridge after another dreadful loss

Full time. 1-0 Southampton. Chelsea have lost to a team in last place, without a manager.

It’s a new low for this manager, a new low for the club under this ownership, and perhaps a new low over 25 year horizon. We’re not sure on the stats, but it feels a long time since we were this hopeless.

As you’d expect, the mutterings of discontent at half time were followed by a monster chorus at boos at full time, and the players trudged off. You can’t say those fans haven’t been patient. They are watching this rubbish week after week.

If anything, the concern over the health of Cesar Azpilicueta and the 12 minute delay while he was treated on the pitch saved Potter from worse, with the rising anger in the stadium delayed and then diluted by concern for the captain.

Regardless, the venom reached a new level today, and that was clearly audible at full time.


  1. If you sacked a professor and bring in a K. G teacher to teach your university son, what will be the outcome?

  2. It’s obvious now more than ever that Chelsea don’t have a team structure. What is potter doing on the training ground

  3. I didn’t the Chelsea their against Southampton,it was horrible,we okay under leadership of abramovic but don’t know wrong with new leadership he doesn’t concerned about us , about how we feel, that man should go he can’t be learning football here

  4. Clueless Americans think they can run football as business. They sacked all the staff and destroyed the philosophy of this beautiful club, just to make sure there is no traces of Abramovic era. This is why I never wanted Americans close to Chelsea as the owners. They are too arrogant and think high of themselves. Owners with football brain will never sack Tuchel or sack the number of staff in the club that just won Champions league and club world cup.

  5. Chelsea owners are destroying the team we love…fans are not happy please sell the club to the people that can manage.we love this club it hurts us.i am not happy with chelsea owners.

  6. It’s like Chelsea FC is cursed by either the formal Russian owner or Tuchel . Oh! Why are goals refusing to enter?

  7. You the owner did you came jus to show your monex?. Is potter your king? Hay you fulls we are tired with loses.

  8. It’s true that this new owner and his manager,have ordy kill chelsea.why abrahamovic discide to giveup to this american as owner of the club.graham potter is not the choice of this club,sack him you said why is cost of our problem we the fans.if the bood choce not to sack him,we have to leave the club for the two peoples to keep for the club.we watch matchs and the gan from us and there lost and drawing than time have came for us to stop attending chelsea football matchs.

  9. We chelsea supporters/fans from different countries on ths world our hearts are out of chelsea club its cause heartbreak to all fans by losing or draws while wasting our money without any beneficiaries from the club and we i wish i could be the owner of the club then i’ll sacked potter, why? because is unlucky, spirit of team is not in him

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