Chelsea in strong position to get Felix fee down to £70m

Nizaar Kinsella’s piece in the Evening Standard today is all about Joao Felix.

The attacker made a sensational debut for Chelsea, playing brilliantly and then getting a straight red card.

Saturday will be his first game back as a Blue, and everyone is excited to see if he can bring the same quality he did in that last game. The question is – if he does, and if he continues to do well, how much will Chelsea have to pay for him in the summer if they want to make his loan permanent?

Atletico are said to demand €140m, while Kinsella concedes that £70-80m would probably get the deal done. If he really does continue to perform as he did in that brilliant first half against Fulham, that would be good value.

It seems his relations with Atletico are poor – so for once we’re in a strong position when it comes to negotiating his fee.

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