Chelsea player has found it difficult to adjust to new working environment

Chelsea have made a lot of new signings within the last couple of transfer windows, and with new signings often comes problematic situations.

One of those is that the squad has become huge, and many players who would be expecting more game time, will sometimes even struggle to make the match day squad going forward for the rest of this season.

Sources: Inside Cobham – The feeling within the group and what the atmosphere is like!

Another issue is settling into a new environment, country, and team, which can have effect on the form of a player.

Both of the above can probably be said about Kalidou Koulibaly right now, who’s form has been poor this season.

According to sources close to the player, with info obtained by The Athletic, After spending eight years at Napoli, building an understanding with his team-mates and feeling comfortable in the city, Koulibaly has found it difficult to adjust to a new working environment.

But they don’t necessarily believe this means he will be sold in the summer, at least not on the players side. They say Koulibaly does not come across as someone who is ready to give up on making his Chelsea move a success. According to the sources referred to above, he is enjoying being around London and is in the process of buying a new house in the city.

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