Chelsea topic is top trend worldwide as pressure rises

With already an hour played since the final whistle of Chelsea’s home defeat to Southampton, Graham Potter is under immense pressure.

His name is the number one trend in the world right now.

Now for a player this can go either way – we bet Leo Messi’s name was number one trend after Argentina won the World Cup – but for a manager it’s always going to be a bad thing.

It’s a good illustration of the sheer weight of discussion around the coach’s future. Everything possible has been done to back him by those who appointed him, yet the results are so bad that no amount of backing will actually convince fans he’s staying.

We’re not sure how long this can go on – how many managers have survived top trending? It’s surely a kiss of death. We kept saying these games would be crucial for Potter- and he’s lost them all. Where do you go from there?


  1. The Executives were just stupid for fire Tuchel.Porter is just too junior to coach a club like Chelsea.The take over of Chelsea as well was unholy.

  2. Relagation battle lads,we were shite, no fight, Potter is clueless,doesn’t know how to manage, mount wants to be somewhere else, get rid of the useless gits, bring in zedain now

  3. Time up for GP! I have run out of patience myself. He MUST go! Chelsea is too big a club for GP to manage. Can’t this anymore!
    Thank you GP, but sorry, bye! bye!

  4. He has nothing but just local tactics..we need changes or we miss up big europe competitions…GO GP

  5. I think we should sack him becus we dont have much time chelsea brighton and fulham are ahead of us mourihno is the right man for the job he knows how to handle the boys

  6. I can’t believe that a team that was 3rd last year and has spent almost 600 million is going backwards. Potter is just making excuses. Train the Chelsea players on how to shoot. Just practice shooting into an empty net. Each player should shoot into an empty net every morning. I would like Potter to be replaced.

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