Chelsea would sell Kovacic this summer rather than risk free transfer exit

Liam Twomey’s piece in the Athletic today explains why there was something eerie about our match against Fulham on Friday.

It was the first game this season – and one of very few in the past 5 years – that has seen Chelsea line up without a single one of Jorginho, N’Golo Kante or Mateo Kovacic in the team.

Jorginho has been sold, N’Golo Kante is deep in his 30s has been injured so much that his future remains very uncertain – but what of Kovacic? Twomey’s piece seems to point to a departure from the club this summer.

The Croatian’s deal has 18 months left to run, but given the Blues have lost so many players on free transfers in recent seasons (and the fee for Jorginho was certainly depressed by his being in a similar situation), the new ownership are more likely to be ruthless and send Kovacic packing if a new contract isn’t agreed.


  1. Truly absurd to even consider this. We have basically zero experienced players left and midfield in the area you need experience and quality. Him and kante should be kept on at all costs. We simply cannot go into next season with silva as the only leader/experienced player in the squad. Would be absurd

  2. Respaldo total, hay que venderlo ahora, no se le ve compromiso con el club, no quiere renovar, no se quiere operar y para su selección si tiene físico pero en el club solo se la pasa doliendose… suficiente gracias por todo ahora pedir unos 20 millones por su ficha mínimo y en su lugar nos quedaría el gran Conor Gallaguer.

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