Chelsea’s great Tottenham record ruined by feeble defeat

Chelsea have just been beaten 2-0 by Tottenham at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, ending their brilliant record against their London rivals.

Despite a bit of aggro it was actually a totally feeble performance from the Blues. They defended softly, they had no aggression in attack, and the team looked largely disinterested. Mason Mount added some intensity in the second half, but there was no conviction at all. Even the warmups looked half-arsed.

Spurs hadn’t been able to beat us in 13 games – today was easy for them. We hadn’t lost at their new stadium yet – but today the home team cruised throughout.

Graham Potter has some pretty eye wateringly bad stats accumulating all around, and now he’s also ruining the hard work of his predecessors too.

Losing to good teams is understandable, losing to bad teams is unacceptable. Losing to your rivals is painful, but losing to absolutely everyone is just unsustainable.

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  1. I don’t think the coach is f’t enough for chelsea.
    His mind is too small for the big Team like chelsea..
    his jus a nincompoop couch..
    We don’t need him.
    Plus a hate the political system
    That is busy play a role in football..
    You can’t sack Thomas because he lost only Two Games. &
    Keep the guy who’s losing forever,,
    it is his because his an English,
    Plus this new chelsea owner also,
    He rush to buying Chelsea because of his big heart, but is not a football fan,
    He doesn’t know what is football.
    & how to make fans happy.
    That’s why he sack everyone
    as soon as he take over of chelsea.
    But God is for everyone.

    one day one day one day, he ‘ll leave CHELSEA behind

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