Chelsea’s senior players “concerned over whether Potter can turn situation around”

Matt Law is one of the journalists most deeply plugged in to the situation at Chelsea, and while he is still today reporting that Graham Potter’s job is safe, there is certainly some doubt creeping in to his thoughts – presumably a reflection of a changing tone he’s getting in his messages from sources.

The latest piece has some worrying lines, including one that claims that “senior players” are “concerned over whether Potter can turn the situation around.”

They wouldn’t be the only ones. Fans have long had similar doubts, and week after week we get more evidence to back that viewpoint up.

Law notes that co controlling owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali will both be at the Leeds game this weekend and at the Dortmund second leg next week. The implication is that those games will be decisive for Potter’s future – although we’ve felt like that a few times in the last months.

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