Chilling Chelsea goals stat shows just how bad club’s scoring problem is

Chelsea didn’t score tonight, and on Twitter after the game Opta pointed out a chilling stat about the team’s struggles in the opposition box.

Following tonight’s effort, Chelsea have scored 4 goals in 9 games in 2023. That is just jaw dropping for a top side, and when you’ve spent record breaking amounts of money on buying players all over the pitch, it’s even more stark.

Tonight we saw a crazy amount of attacking talent on the pitch – and ended up with a zero on the scoreboard.

Tonight there wasn’t much we could do – we had so many chances and just didn’t put them away. But tonight is just the latest in a string of games where we’ve struggled to score, and the problem is clearly one that goes through this whole squad.

They’re 13th in the Premier League for goals, if it were to stay that way it would shatter a few recent club records.

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