“Come on, guys” – Former Chelsea player gives honest view on sacking Graham Potter

There are some emotional and stern opinions going around about the current situation at Chelsea right now, and every man and their dog are having their say.

One thing that Chelsea fans will often tend to do in these situations is listen to former players of the club, players who have been there and seen it, and often have a valued opinion.

Sources: Raheem Sterling considering Chelsea future!

Former Chelsea defender Mario Melchiot now works as a pundit for ESPN and he has had his say on the current situation and whether he would sack Graham Potter or not.

Melchiot is very honest in admitting that whilst he feels sorry for Potter, he would make the change and move him on now.

In words picked up by Si & Dan Talk Chelsea, Melchiot said: “In my time, Graham Potter wouldn’t last, that’s all I can say. When I was playing (1999-2004), no. I feel sorry for him, I know everyone is talking about him, but with results like this… I have to be sorry and make a change.

“He starts talking about [the] All Or Nothing [documentary] of Arsenal, little things that are not necessary. What is important now is picking your starting XI and sticking with it. Then you focus on the details.

“How can one of your midfielders be one-on-one with one of Dortmund’s quickest players? How can Raheem Sterling mark one of the best strikers in England, Harry Kane, on a corner? Come on, guys. These are things I don’t agree with.”

He is absolutely bang on really with those points and it is hard right now to argue any of that. The results have been awful and the team have digressed rather than improved under Potter. It’s a tense moment for sure.


  1. I liked Melchiot the player but as a pundit his word has no sway with me been a Chelsea fan of 53 years I’m fed up of the Melchiots,Burleys and Lebeoufs digging the Club out. I remember Tuchel leaving Jorginho to cover Rashford and Kante as cover in another game v Arsenal both at Stamford Bridge. Potter has been dealt a few poor hands multiple injuries a Champions league compressed in a month less than normal the world Cup and more injuries.

    1. I agree. In many ways Potter’s pre-season began at the close of the January transfer window, lol. He suddenly had a raft of new players plus half a dozen top guys only beginning to return from injury. By any fair standard, that’s pretty much like hitting “reset” on your squad chemistry. The guy has been asked to change out the engine on a 747 in flight and supporters and pundits act like a bumpy ride is totally unacceptable. Get real!

      And for all those demanding Potter’s head, who is the long-term replacement? Not the guy to finish out the season and not the pipe dream (Zidane doesn’t even speak English!), but the one to man the helm for the next decade? We’re in this rebuild hell at the moment in no small part due to the short-sighted sacking of manager after manager. It’s left the squad a mess, and unless Potter critics have a feasible long-term solution (the kind that’s likely to become our Pep or our Klopp) then they ought to pipe down and support the current guy.

  2. Esos detalles tácticos son la diferencia entre una victoria o derrota, donde esta el trabajo táctico de la semana? Ni siquiera se ve una lectura de juego del rival, definitivamente no tiene la capacidad para dirigir el chelsea. Ya fue suficiente con Potter.

  3. For more than 3 decades, Chelsea has the poorest showing with Graham Potter. He has no pedigree for such outlandish outfit. I personally (not xenophobic) have not been fan of English coaches in recent times. They all play in a kick and follow pattern. Potter is also guilty of this too. Analysing his games,there is always lack of tactical depth. Only visibly clear is a simple pattern of placing men in position to chase the ball without comparative analysis of the players abilities

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