Conor Gallagher set for Chelsea start as he looks to prove his worth

Nizaar Kinsella is reporting that Conor Gallagher is going to start against West Ham tomorrow.

It’s being reported as some kind of inside knowledge from the Evening Standard’s Chelsea man, but really he’s just looking at what’s available like we are.

Enzo Fernandez will play, Denis Zakaria and Mateo Kovacic aren’t fully fit yet, N’Golo Kante is still injured. There are no other options, and Gallagher has played well in recent games. He’s not the considered, defensively minded number 6 this team needs, but his work rate and tenacity will still do better than any other options we’ve got.

As Kinsella notes, this won’t go down well with some groups of internet fans, but it’s a vital moment for Gallagher. When those listed above are fit he faces a battle to get into the team, and this game is a huge chance to remind everyone what he can bring, even when they’re fit.


  1. Conor has Nothing left in him to prove his worth. Pls don’t waste time on him. He had enaf chances but created nothing.

  2. Gallaguer es increíble siempre da el 100 % pero deben usarlo en la posición que desempeño en Palace Potter tiene que aprender a usarlo

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