“Deal is almost done” – Reporter updates on Chelsea transfer deal

Despite it currently not being a transfer window, Chelsea are still in the process of securing a transfer deal.

After a busy January transfer window, there is no rest in negotiations for the club owners. Although this time around, it is a player departing.

This has been a very weird one with contrasting reports on it. Andrey Santos was expected to return from the South American Championships and become a Chelsea player as part of the squad for the rest of this season. However, it is now not happening, whether that is because the club had a work permit application rejected or not. But he’s about to now go out on loan for the rest of the season instead, according to Fabrizio Romano writing  in his exclusive Substack column with CaughtOffside.

Santos is set to join Brazilian side Palmeiras on loan for the rest of this season so he can get development and game time.

Romano said: “At Palmeiras he can play regularly and also they have Copa Libertadores, an important factor. The deal is almost done, still waiting on documents to get it completed but Andrey Santos will join Palmeiras.”


    1. Honestly i don’t know what Tood is waiting for if he don’t put the recent situation of the club and the fans let us also strike by leaving the stadium empty in every chelsea game home or away period. Potter is the worst chelsea manager ever is enough my friend

  1. Todd should just sack Graham Potter due to lack of experience in managing a big club like Chelsea cause if it was roman abramovich Graham Potter would have been sacked immediately which I think if Todd don’t do the right thing by giving Graham Potter his marching orders then i think the fans should just turn on owner by not attending all Chelsea’s last games

  2. Bring bk Tuchel that is the only way bohley can right this wrong but the question is can bohley swallow is pride

  3. I prefer Graham potter to leave the blues because first he has any experience according to the way he do things….second if it could be good then let cuculera also follow potter away from Stamford bridge.

  4. Potter is the man for the job!
    Lots of player came in from different leagues and these plastic mannequin fans expect them all to just blend in right away?
    Potter and the players need time!

  5. With all those new signings and Chelsea cannot win any game!!! I really don’t like the way Potter is managing the team… Why is he always starting havertz?? We as fans are under pressure with what is happening on our team…..

  6. Let Potter be sack he has nothing to deliver for Chelsea,in fact he is not a couch,he lacks tactics for winning

  7. Thomas Tuchel; it would be VERY nice to see TT back at cobham, we need a person WHO We are sure can quickly turn things around and save our season, otherwise we may end up fighting relegation battles instead of silverware

  8. Please sack potter before it worsens , he doesn’t fit Chelsea’s job. He is tactically not good, no chemistry on the field of play. Chelsea has the products to compete for the top four but look at Chelsea now.

  9. Mr Todd should get the Blues Mr. Jose Mourinho or bring back Mr. Thomas Tuchel for obvious reasons. They’ve been able to prove how good enough they are and can be with the Blues. Potter’s time to leave is NOW as he has over stayed his welcome. We ain’t gonna wait till we get relegated before we react to inability to come up with a winning formula with all the expensive quality players at his disposal. My Blood Is Blue !!!

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