Fans are angry as Mason Mount continues to stall on new contract

Ahead of the game tomorrow between West Ham and Chelsea, Jacob Steinberg from The Guardian has done a piece in which he talks about many discussion points including Mason Mount and Declan Rice.

Jacob’s information is that It is not inconceivable that Chelsea would look to sell Mount should he not agree a new deal by this summer. Mason wants to feel valued and be amongst the top Chelsea earners (for context, N’golo Kante is on 290,000 pounds a week whilst Raheem Sterling is thought to be taking home 325,000 pounds a week).

Todd Boehly however wants all newly signed deals to be incentivised meaning a lower base guaranteed fee but with the potential opportunity to take home a higher wage packet should the player meet certain objectives.

It is unclear why Mount has not signed yet but the fact he hasn’t is making Chelsea fans online angry. Fans saw Reece James agree a new bumper deal in a matter of weeks whilst Mount seems to be fighting back and forth with the club over his wage “demands”.

We await further developments as weeks go on but the more Mason keeps performing the way he is, the less chance he has of securing a new deal, that’s if the club are actually being a run as a club and not handing out deals based on sentiment, of course.


  1. To be honest if Mount is being greedy values money over the club then he can go. He’s been poor for 18 months now and certainly not worth what he’s asking for. If this was any other player who was out of form and demanding a fortune we would turn on him so Mount should get no special treatment. Sick and tired of greedy players putting money above everything else. If that’s his attitude the good riddance. He needs to sign the deal and concentrate on football in order to get back to a decent level and start improving as a footballer. Really disgraceful his attitude

  2. Chelsea should not waste time with the mount contact issue as there is NO contribution from him these Season.
    Please Sell him ASAP.

  3. Mount should go he contributed nothing this year and yet he is demanding huge contract ithink professional player won’t demand higher wages while his performance is very low

    1. There’s nothing like that, let Chelsea give him what he demanded…..he is a very good player just that the team is in bad terms.
      The team

  4. Zlatan one of the best players of his generation when he was at manunited and was injured he literally refused to be paid , but mount who is dropping stinkers wants a huge amount I swear mount just wants Chelsea fans to hate him more and more

  5. Sell him to the highest bidder. He may not even make the starting 11 if the selection is not based on sentiments. His contributions is absolutely zero this season.

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