Former Chelsea captain laments lack of “personality” in galactico team

Gary Cahill spoke about Chelsea’s defeat to Spurs on Sunday, and reflected on the team as a whole.

He was part of several incredibly successful sides at Stamford Bridge, and while nobody would say he was the most talented player around, his heart and personality were never in question.

Speaking to the BBC, the retired central defender cast serious doubts on the players in the current side and whether they had the same character.

“I’m a big believer ability takes you so far and personality takes you that extra yard. When you’re a player it is down to you to go out & perform. You need leaders, people who drive standards in training & out there with the intensity levels,” the former captain commented.

Whether it’s a lack of confidence, a lack of motivation, or just a lack of personality, Cahill is bang on. It’s more than just tactical issues in the team right now, there’s a long standing lack of leadership and heart which just can’t be made up for with expensive signings.

A young Gary Cahill type would do wonders to improve this side right now as they spiral towards the bottom of the table.

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