Graham Potter gets weakest vote of confidence possible

Nizaar Kinsella’s latest piece on the debacle at Chelsea has just come out, with the Evening Standard writer filling us all in on how many threads Graham Potter is hanging by as Chelsea boss.

The latest word is that Chelsea “are reluctant to sack Potter, at least for a bit longer.”

That’s about as weak a vote of confidence as you could possibly get. It sounds like the sources who supply Kinsella are rapidly climbing down from their determined positions that they will stand by their man as long as it takes.

The piece says that the club’s faith is being “severely tested” by results, and it seems that “anger among supporters” could be a factor when the board decide what to do.

That anger was really overspilling at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

We would say that it all comes down to the results of Sunday’s game against Tottenham – but we’ve had a few games that we thought were decisive that proved not to be.

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  1. nothing against the man personally but the job and task are far to big we need someone proven I would go for Zidane

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