Graham Potter has “too many players to work with” and can’t set up his favoured training schedules

The latest Graham Potter excuse just dropped.

After losing another game, it was time to dig up another reason that he can’t get his team to play football, and after 6 months of telling us it was because of injury absence, the leaks from inside the club are now telling us it’s because there are too many players.

Simon Phillips paraphrases Matt Hughes’ Daily Mail piece where it’s claimed that Potter fears his training sessions are not working because there are “too many players to work with,” and it’s proving impossible to keep them all involved.

A while back we saw inside the dressing rooms, where a little annex has been added to fit some of th extra bodies.

Honestly, we could have told you this would be a problem when we started buying 4 players for every position without selling any. Some things in football are totally unpredictable and beyond anyone’s control. This is not one of them.

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  1. This is the same guy who was blaming results on having too many players out only a few weeks ago. Now his excuse for winning 1 of 11 matches is that there are too many good players. He is truly pathetic. Weakest mentality I have ever seen in a manager and it is seeping through onto the pitch. The players are now just like the manager – spineless, mentally weak, no ruthlessness and no winning mentality. He needs to leave before he does even more damage

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