Graham Potter has two games remaining to save his job claims pundit

It’s Monday morning, Chelsea have lost a game and pundits are speculating about why their manager hasn’t been sacked yet.

It’s becoming quite the pattern – we’re going through this process every week now. It doesn’t feel like anything can shift the former Brighton boss, although some pundits are still claiming he’s surely close to the end. The Evening Standard quotes former Spurs player Jamie O’Hara, who insists that Potter must be on borrowed time.

Speaking ahead of yesterday’s game (which we lost, by the way, without putting up much of a fight), O’Hara said:

“Graham Potter’s next three games: he’s got Tottenham, which is massive, then he’s got Leeds and then he’s got Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

“If he doesn’t get three big results, I think he could go. Chelsea fans don’t agree with me, Jason Cundy keeps saying ‘no, no, there’d be no point sacking him’. I’m telling you, he loses them next three games, he’s gone.”

That would mean he’s got two games left, and while we’re inclined to agree that Potter would get the boot if Chelsea don’t win them, he’s made it this far, and perhaps the ownership really are willing to back him to the bitter end.

We can only imagine the mood at Stamford Bridge if we lose at home to struggling Leeds at home.


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