Graham Potter is suffering from the pressure

Graham Potter admits that his mental health and family life has suffered as a result of Chelsea’s poor form. 

Potter was asked about the pressure he’s under and whilst he expressed that the owners have shown and continue to show him support, his family life and mental health has taken a hit, even suggesting that the media aren’t really bothered.

Potter said: “family life suffers, mental health suffers but you the media aren’t really bothered”

I think it’s a fine line when talking about private matters, I sympathise with Graham Potter but also note how other managers of the club have experienced personal issues and still delivered, namely Thomas Tuchel.

Potter needs to put his big boy boots on and ride through the storm, a win against Spurs would by him some time with the supporters.

When you manage Chelsea you have to be capable of dealing with intense situations and periods, some will wonder whether the job and task at hand is too big for him and if he has taken too big of a step too soon.

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